Thursday, July 23, 2009

Police Raja di Malaysia

just received an email containing the disturbing video. It shown how brutal the police in interrogating the accused. After watching the video, i'm not surprise at all why there is so many death in custody. I know why Kugan suddenly passed away in police custody.

Is MACC learning the skill from the raja? and make it even better? threatened to throw from 14th floors? it up to you to draw the necessary inferences.


  1. Hi kaiyet,
    the video really depressed me..
    This isnt the first time where Malaysia polices practice violent to the suspects.

    Can I have this video? I would like for your permission for uploading it to my blog and others.

    Thank you


  2. what the fuck is going now...this so call police diraja malaysia. mother fuck them..

  3. kaiyet like this ....

  4. What kind of people dare to do like that? Are you police or a mother fucker, son of a bitch who just wearing an uniform and leave your heart and brain at the zoo.

  5. If that guy rape your wife.. don't you want to do the same thing?

  6. Thanks for KaiYet let all Malaysians open their eyes. Some fuckers staying in Malaysia made us afraid and not peacefully.

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  8. this is malaysia? so sad , can we stay in malaysia ?
    how can we make this not happen in malaysia ?
    where is human rights ? humanity ? morality ?
    so sad to see it.