Monday, February 2, 2009


It is the eighth day of Chinese New Year, im not those who so 'very believe' in fengshui. However, i hope this will bring me some luck~~haha~~*contradicting*

I wanted to blog for quite a long time. Despite having one in msn live 4 years ago, but it turn to be a freezer as i thought it wasn't so user friendly. haha~~

After the 308 election, there were big hoo-haa about blogging, BN blamed it on blogger and Pakatan thanks the blog for helping them in publicity after they were being blocked from using the mainstream media to do publicity.

I soon realised after i become a politician (i supposed i am in the politics now? am i not?kelefeh nia~~) blogging is almost unavoidable. So~here i am~~i hope i could do it in bilanguages, but due to time restraint, i might do it in one or maybe sometime in English, sometime in Madarin and sometime in Malay. Hope it would do and did not hurt anyone feeling~~

Happy blogging~~(hope so~)

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